Webetop Trumpet Cleaning Kit, Care Your Trumpet with Valve Oil, Brass Polishing Spray, Slide Grease, Brushes

ALL-IN-ONE INCLUSIVE KIT: Everything you need to keep your trumpet like new: valve oil, slide grease, brass polishing spray, mouthpiece brush, valve brush, flexible snake brush, microfiber cloth, gloves and the complete instruction manual. Make your trumpet care quick and easy
MAKE IT CLEAN & TIDY: Give your trumpet a complete cleaning with Webetop mouthpiece brush, valve brush and flexible snake brush. Our soft brushes kit will easy to remove any dirt, grime and residue inside the trumpet, keep your trumpet clean and healthy
KEEP IT LUBRICATED & SMOOTHY: Oil valves before every session and grease the slides once a week. Keeping the trumpet properly lubricated will reduce friction and wear, effectively extends the longevity of your trumpet life
KEEP YOUR TRUMPET SHINY: Don’t let your trumpet lose its shine. With Webetop cleaning and polishing kit you can keep your trumpet looking and sounding brand new
NECESSITIES & PERFECT GIFT: Webetop cleaning & care kit has everything for students, musicians, or music lovers’ maintenance purpose. Comes with exquisite gift-able handy case, it is a perfect gift for your friends and family. The kit is universally fit for trumpets, cornets, pocket trumpets, etc
    Webetop trumpet care & cleaning kit

    Learning to play the trumpet is a fun and exciting adventure. Keeping it properly maintained is critical to keeping it in prime playing condition. Whether you’re new to the trumpet or have neglected it for far too long, trumpet maintenance is actually quite easy. Since the instrument is composed of valves, slides, and the body, these are the three different areas of the trumpet you need to pay attention to. From oiling the valves and greasing the slides to cleaning the mouthpiece and storing the instrument properly, here are some tips for keeping your trumpet in tip-top shape.

    How to Clean Your Trumpet?


    What's in the Box?

    what's in the box

    Premium Trumpet Slide Grease,Valve Oil and Trumpet Polishing Spray.




    Slide Grease

    This premium trumpet slide grease brings quality to your musical instrument tuning slide maintenance.

    Valve Oil

    • Non-toxic, odorless, and petroleum free;

    • Pure, synthetic, long-lasting, pro-strength formula;

    • Scientifically designed to provide long-lasting, fast valve action.

    Brass Polishing Spray

    • Cleans and restores lacquer finishes on trumpet brass;

    • Petroleum- and wax-free, with no harsh abrasives;

    • Infused with gloss enhancers and UV protectants. Streak-free formula will not leave residue;

    • Anti-static agents help prevent dust from binding to the finish.