FOLLOWIN Plastic Restorer for Cars Ceramic Plastic Coating Trim Restore, Resists Water, UV Rays, Dirt, Ceramic Coating, Not Dressing, Last Over 200 Washes, Highly Concentrated, 30ml

CERAMIC COATING, NOT DRESSING - Unlike other trim products which give your car a temporary greasy shine until they are washed off,FOLLOWIN Plastic & Trim Restorer adopted the German technical formula, quickly remove the oxidation of plastic surface, bonds to the pores of unpainted plastic trim while forming ceramic coating on the surface. By darkening and shining surfaces, this restorer bring your vehicle back to life, giving it the showroom look you want
NOT AFRAID OF RAIN - Our back to black plastic restorer is highly concentrated. Each time you use it, you only need to use 5ml which will LAST for 6 MONTHS per treatment and the bottle will last 3 years with a total of 30ml. Rain won’t wash this off! It is a durable ceramic trim coating kit which bonds to the pores of unpainted plastic trim. If Followin Trim Coat can’t last for 6 months per treatment, we'll give you money back! STOP WASTING YOUR MONEY on cheap products that don't last!
NON-GREASY FORMULA - Its streak-free formulation ensures that this trim restorer will not leave streaky residue on your vehicle after a good rain or car wash. It will completely dry to the touch!! And it is also highly effective in preventing premature aging thanks to the powerful formulation that prevents cracking and fading. Make sure you have a good experience with FOLLOWIN plastic restorer and save your valuable time
FREE APPLICATOR FOR QUICK & EASY APPLICATION - A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY. This ceramic trim coating kit is easy to use with a wipe-on, wipe-off process. Pour a few drops onto the applicator, spreading it evenly and wipe the excess back off. It will be absorbed quickly and finishes with a dry-to-the-touch feel, despite a super high shine appearance
YOU HAVE MY WORD - Our ceramic coating for cars can be used on bumpers, side mirrors, door handles, vinyl rooftops, as well as interior trim so long as it's plastic. (Be sure to allow to dry and clean completely before applying product). We assure your complete satisfaction, and we are confident that you will be pleased with Solution. If you are not 100% satisfied we will refund you in full! Just get in contact with us ANYTIME!
    FOLLOWIN plastic trim restorer
    Plastic restorer for cars

    The Ultimate Solution for Bring Plastic Back to Life!

    The FOLLOWING’s top-rated plastic and trim restorer is the ideal product to restore the lost shine of your car's exterior. And it forms a protective Ceramic Coating so that the car plastic can simply repel rain, salt, dirt or debris. This Back to Black trim restorer uses an advanced hybrid polymer technology that seals non-porous surfaces with UV protection, allowing it to significantly outlast conventional protectants and trim care products. This formula dries almost instantly and is non-greasy. It also won’t streak if the treated surfaces get wet.

    How It Works?

    Unlike "dressings" which provide a temporary, oily finish, FOLLOWING Trim Coat plastic trim restorer is a durable ceramic coating which bonds to the pores of unpainted plastic trim — restoring trim to its original appearance. But it doesn’t stop there, once applied, it cures to form a ceramic layer of protection engineered to be long-lasting. It’s considered a premium dressing that is formulated with special waterproofing agents to help it last through multiple car washes.

    widely use

    Easy to Use:


    1. Do not touch water after 12 hours of application.

    2 Suitable for use with plastic and vinyl. Do not use it on the leather.

    3.Do not apply in the car under high temperature.

    4.We recommend wearing gloves during operation

    5. Washing and drying thoroughly first to make sure it absorbed completely (Make sure water trapped in the seams got a chance to dry )

    Easy to Use